The GovHack Developer Toolkit

This page provides all the information you'll need to prepare your GovHack entries, and a wealth of links to tools, techniques, and libraries to help you build an awesome project. You can use these resources to build any sort of project - mobile apps, web apps, APIs, data visualisations/infographics, and more. You're not limited to using the resources and tools in this page, but your actual entries must meet the competition eligibility rules.

If you're new to GovHack (or are just a little unclear on the process involved) we strongly encourage you to read the Anatomy of GovHack project section at the top of this page to find out all about the process of registering, preparing, and submitting your entry.

Beyond that, you'll find a range of useful resources from how best to put your entry online, to suggestions of tools to use to maximise your hacking productivity, resources for working with geographic and tabular data, to extracting good data from messy unstructured sources, and much more.